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Epos and Pdq machines


Selling merchandise? Running pop-up bars? Use our event specific EPOS system uniquely configured with your event requirements in mind! we will help curate the stock allowing images and descriptions for easy and fast selection of items by your sales team. It will also ensure easy cash and card management with quick denominations of notes and easy calculation of change. Multiple users can simultaneously use one cash drawer saving valuable space while maximising sales and customer flow. From your organisers portal you can see exactly how much cash is in every drawer and set warnings to notify you if the cash levels become too high and an authorised manager needs to be sent to do a lift.

Dedicated for the industry

We are proud to acknowledge the fact we understand the events industry and what it needs. therefore our system has been built solely to cater for the events industry not use an out of the box system adapted. Meaning no unnecessary menus, options, tax reconciling features that the events industry doesn’t require. This is what makes our system so unique, its simplicity to use and lack of complicated menus with options of no interest to a short term deployment.


Most people have smart phones and tablets now, why pay to rent more? Our system is compatible with most smart device, or laptop. Keeps costs down and your staff don’t need to carry excess equipment.

Get Notified

With your organisers portal you can monitor cash and stock levels at every sale location you can also choose to be notified by email or text message as well. Meaning when either a cash drawer is getting too full or if stock is getting too low at a merchandise location that cash drops and stock replenishment are only done when absolutely required.

PDQ Machines

We only supply high quality true Wi-Fi PDQ machines meaning transactions are processed very quickly, and securely, ensuring significantly shorter waiting times for customers and higher foot flow rates for entrances, bars and trade stands. The other reason we use Wi-Fi is we can guarantee the signal. therefore, when visitor numbers are at their highest and mobile phone networks reach saturation and other PDQ’s start to fail ours carry on.

Beam and PAY

Our super-fast PDQ’s at your gates with a rapid deployment satellite internet connection. Meaning we can literally beam your transactions from anywhere with minimal rigging time and cost.


Whether you have 100 exhibitors of 10,000 exhibitors on site they all want to take money. We use our Wi-Fi PDQ’s and build a reliable, stable and backed up Wi-Fi network direct to their stand ensuring solid service to the exhibitor. Normally with attractive commercial incentives to the organiser All terminals are provided with onsite support with an engineer close at hand in the unlikely event of an issue.


All our PDQ’s are suppled in drop proof high vis cases which are easy to carry meaning they can be easily found during and after the event and the terminal is protected from the rigors of the events world. However please don’t drop them on purpose.

How can we help?

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Does your event present a unique challenge? Even better. We specialise in bespoke event IT solutions.



The event is based in a wildlife reserve so therefore no regular data infrastructure including 3g mobile phone service is available.

The organizer required to ability to sell internet connections to the exhibitors. In past years this has been very problematic as various suppliers have failed to deliver a reliable service.

The exhibitors also need to be able to take electronic payments which due to the lack of Mobile and data infrastructure has also proved to be problematic.